How long does it take to earn a cosmetology degree?


You can earn a cosmetology degree in nine months to two years. This range is mainly determined by the type of cosmetology program you decide to take. A nail technician program can typically be completed quicker than a full out cosmetology program due to a lower amount of required classroom hours needed. 

Other factors to consider for on how long it takes to earn a cosmetology degree are: 
-    Do you plan to take part time classes or full time classes?
-    Will you be doing an apprenticeship?

After you complete your required classroom hours from your cosmetology program, you can then apply to receive your cosmetology license. This is acquired by taking an oral and written state exam. Pass the tests and you officially receive your cosmetology license. The typical time span to earn a degree though ranges from 12 to 13 months for a full-time student, and 18 to 24 months for part-time student.

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