What do entry level and expert level educators get paid?

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I have been working at my current salon for ten years as a color specialist. I have been recently approached about taking over the color training within the salon and was wondering what a fair pay would be for about 3 to five hours of training per week for one apprentice. I have numbers from $25 to $100 per hour and wanted to get some feedback before I go to my boss with any numbers. Thanks so much!

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Typically, educators are paid

Typically, educators are paid an annual salary, as opposed to an hourly wage, and varies drastically from state-to-state. For example, according to Indeed, a salon educator in Lenexa, KS makes $26,000 a year, while a beauty educator in Miami, FL makes $33,000 a year. Experience also comes into play, with more experinced educators being able to demand a higher salary.