what is the next step after getting your license?

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Im in a cosmetolgy program at my school and when we graduate and pass state board we recieve our lisence and i just want some advice on what next to do.....

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Just my opinion...

Well that depends how confident you feel about what you do. If you feel like you still need training than you should go work  at a lower scale salon that offers some extra training. Like where I live there's places that offer a haircutting camp thing that they pay for to get extra hair cutting skills. Or you could do booth rental if you can afford it without having much clientel when you first start. You also should do alot of advertizing on your own to get more clients to. Or if Cosmotology wasn't enough for you as far as the fashion industry than you can further your education in make-up, runnway hair, photography, ect. It just depends on the person, I think.....