I have a lot of pigmentation and discoloration on my face. Is there anything I can do to get my skin even again?

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As we age, pigmentation starts to show on the face from years of spending time in the sun, being on birth control pills and after pregnancy with hormonal changes, which usually results in a pigmented “mask” on the highs of cheekbones and above the upper lip which is called Melasma. Whether from the sun or hormonal, if you encounter any of these discolorations, here are a few recommendations. For topical use, a great product with rave reviews is Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel. It’s a two step treatment where you swipe pads drenched in alpha beta acids across your face. Within 30 days you’ll see a big difference in how your discoloration looks. It’s like getting a minor peel in a much more gradual way. It will be significantly lighter if you are diligent using the treatment every night. Just make sure you wear SPF of at least 30 if not 50 during the day while using this treatment.


Regardless, you should always use SPF since the sun is a big factor in pigmentation appearing and returning. Also try Dr Dennis Gross topical Vitamin C, which is amazing for lightening dark spots. You can take it in pill form as well. In combination with Dr Dennis Gross products, you can also try a series of IPL photo-facials at your dermatologist’s office. IPL is a laser (intense pulse light) that feels like a rubber band snapping on your skin per square inch across your face (sounds worse than it is) and the light lifts the pigmentation from the deeper layers of skin. You’ll need around 4-6 treatments to see great results at around 200-250 a pop, but so worth it if you have pigmentation occurring.

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