How To Prevent Puffy Eyes

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Puffy eyes are the result of fluid being trapped in the tear ducts and surrounding delicate skin layer.  For many, cold weather means puffy eyes. In order to prevent this, Scott-Vincent recommends “taking your favorite eye cream and applying a thick coat on your entire orbital eye area before bedtime.  Then, place a thin layer of Vaseline over it to lock in the moisture. Throughout the night, eyes will be constantly conditioned and any puffiness will completely banish!”


I agree. I have used it and it really does help me too. I've also heard that some use vaseline as a lubricant and moisterizer, before or after shaving sensitive areas. My personal favorite is to use for removing eye makeup, or as a moisterizer around my nose after a cold, which may become dry and irritated.

Vaseline doesn't clog your pores like you'd think. I have a few friends that put it on after washing and use a dry cloth to wipe it off... It's such a great moisturizing treatment. And it's gentle enough to use 3-5 times a week if needed.

But wont the vaseline be too clogging and cause milias around the eye area?? They would have to have a really good cleanser along with it.