Statements The Academy, A TIGI CREATIVE SCHOOL

"Education is an attitude...."  Creative precision lies at the heart of Statements The Academy, and it is this dedication that drives us to introduce the most qualified graduates to the cosmetology industry. This is why we are exceedingly proud to be the first TIGICREATIVESCHOOL. By being ATIGICREATIVESCHOOL we are partnering with one of the most versatile companies in the industry, known for exceptional products and inspirational education.


TIGI©, a leading company in the hair industry, was founded by the Mascolo brothers over 40 years ago. From the hair care lines, such as Bead Head©, S Factor©, etc, to their color line. TIGI© is continuously evolving, discovering new technology and pioneering the latest trends in hairdressing. TIGI© education is never compromised; their unique standard of quality is achieved by constantly educating their stylists and educators on the latest trends and techniques.


Through our education, every hairdresser will gain the skill set, communication, confidence, and knowledge that will serve them throughout the career and in life. Together, Statements The Academy and TIGI© are dedicated to upgrading the standards of hairdressing in the industry.

Beauty School Reviews


I wanted to learn from the best Northern VA had to offer and Statements The Academy was nothing less than amazing. Not only was I impressed with the 100% pass rate for State Board, but the education was phenomenal. I learned everything I needed to know to pass the theory portion of my State Board exam, and also got hands on experience on subjects that most other schools don't teach. I learned waxing, facials, natural nail care, etc. and now I feel I can expand my appointment book and make more money knowing these services.

I am also a huge TIGI fan and have been since I was a little girl, so the fact that this academy is the first sister school of the major TIGI academies really drew me in as well. There are a number of TIGI educators that travel just to this school to teach advanced courses, TIGI style. I enjoyed learning from Mona Lisa for make-up, Roby Powers for haircutting and Eric Moon for color... and these people are big names in the TIGI industry!

I could write a whole book on how professional and great Statements The Academy is but that would take forever so I will sum everything up. The staff is knowledgeable and warm, always encouraging students to do their best. The school itself is clean and sends a very relaxing vibe. The curriculum is top-notch with tons of hands on classes from hair extensions to waxing to foil highlights. Statements The Academy prepares its students to be the best hairstylists possible and I wouldn't be surprised if a number of the graduates make it far in the hair\salon industry. I know I plan on taking my wisdom from this academy and running with it :D


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